27 September, 2023
2 mins read

Why Russia and China fear B-2 so much?

America has been the global leader in warfare systems and weapons which has enabled the nation to conquer dictators for the benefit of the oppressed and for the peace of the globe. American technology has enabled the country to develop a fortress of airplanes, the likes of B52, B-2 Spirit, The F-22, F35, Air Force […]

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A Russian pilot Captain Maksym Kuzminov, a 28-year-old who defected to Ukraine said his helicopter crew panicked when they realized what was happening

  Captain Maksym Kuzminov will receive 500,000 dollars A great story that is enough to generate a movie of a Russian pilot who defected together with his helicopter said his crew panicked when they figured out what was happening, but they couldn’t do anything as he was the only person on board who could fly […]

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Putin’s Vaccine Chief Viktor Trukhin Arrested in Belarus ,had Wrote a Mysterious Letter Before Vanishing Days Later

Top doctor Viktor Trukhin, who is believed to have inside knowledge of the despot’s medical secrets, has been arrested by the FSB after he was caught ‘seeking to flee the country’. Russian vaccine and serum chief Viktor Trukhin, 59, went missing six days ago and was simultaneously fired from his senior post at a top […]