Russia is so desperate for soldiers  as it’s Recruiting Troops from Neighboring Kazakhstan at  a $5,300 Signing Bonus
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Russia is so desperate for soldiers as it’s Recruiting Troops from Neighboring Kazakhstan at a $5,300 Signing Bonus

Russia’s special military operation has terribly backfired as it has lost most of its pre-war personnel and equipment thanks to the brave Ukrainian people and the Western Allies for weapons.

Over 240,000 Russian troops are estimated to have died with over 300,000 others injured to the extent they can’t return to the battlefield.

This has forced the Agressor country to launch adverts promising four-figure signing bonuses to join the Russian army in neighboring  Kazakhstan.

The adverts promise payment of more than $5,000 to sign on to become a Russian soldier amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine

On the Russian side, it’s estimated that some 50,000 soldiers have lost their lives, a figure revealed by independent analysts as opposed to the Kremlin itself.

Russia’s forces include an estimated 50,000 soldiers employed by the private mercenary group Wagner; 40,000 are thought to be convicts recruited from prisons in Russia.

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Neutralized russian terrorist in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has frequently reminded his Western allies of his military’s shortfalls, appealing to the likes of the U.K. and the U.S. for fighter jets and funding.

Russian President Vladimir Putin similarly told media in June that Russia was running out of “precision-guided munitions, communications equipment, aircraft, drones, and tanks,” but insisted production of the items was being ramped up.

The adverts imply that the Kremlin is also running out of manpower.

The advert features both the Russian and Kazakh flags, alongside the slogan “shoulder to shoulder.”

The advert promises a one-off sign-up payment of 495,000 Russian rubles—equivalent to $5,300—to those who sign the contract, as well as a monthly salary of at least 190,000 rubles—the equivalent of $2,000.

The advert also promises mystery extra benefits.

Roman Vassilenko, Kazakhstan’s deputy foreign minister, that under the country’s law, fighting in foreign wars is illegal.

The adverts led to a recruitment website for troops joining in the Sakhalin region, located in Russia’s Far East

Ukraine Himars and drones have been causing havoc to the invaders.