Ukraine Success Story of a US M2 Bradley That Destroyed Russian Tanks
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Ukraine Success Story of a US M2 Bradley That Destroyed Russian Tanks

️The Russia -Ukraine war which has entered its second year has brought many dynamics in modern warfare. This is so because of the modern and sophisticated weapons that each side is showcasing.
Ukraine has received a lot of modern weapons from allies like the United States of America.
Among the weapons is the US-supplied M2 Bradley tank that has earned a name for itself against Russian tanks.
In the morning hours of a Monday, the famed Bradley destroyed two Russian tanks in one battle!
Three soldiers of the 47th separate mechanized brigade with the callsigns Prymara, Kach, and Bublik on their “Bradley” who worked in the Zaporizhzhia direction, found themselves surrounded by the enemy.
This time, the combat vehicle was initially surrounded by Russian infantry on two sides. When the invaders were destroyed with an automatic cannon, the Russians announced a real hunt for the Ukrainian “Bradley”. The enemy urgently introduced a pair of T-72s into battle. Both Russian tanks were immediately burned. All the Russian equipment was turned into ahs by the heavy TOW (Tube-launched Optically-tracked Wire-guided) anti-tank missile, which the crew skillfully used.
The Russian military already knows that Western equipment is a magnet for the enemy, and as soon as a Bradley appears on the front line, the Russians use everything they have. From grenade launchers to artillery and attack helicopters.
With the Western-supplied equipment, all odds are in favor of Ukraine. It’s a matter of when but the Russians will be destroyed and their military sent back to Australopithecus days. Evil must be defeated.
Below are real war videos of the Bradley saving Ukranian Soldiers.