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Ukraine Destroys the Chonhar Bridge that connects Crimea with the mainland Kherson

Ukraine said it successfully attacked a land bridge to Crimea which was annexed by Russia and has also made advances near Bakhmut, a town in the embattled east. On Saturday morning, the Chonhar Bridge, which connects Crimea with the mainland region of Kherson, was attacked and damaged, the Ukrainian army’s strategic communications department said. The […]

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Boy, 5, high on COCAINE fatally shoots his 16-month-old brother who was high on marijuana inside Indiana home: Parents charged with neglect

 A five-year-old boy high on cocaine shot his toddler brother in the head, and prosecutors have charged their parents with neglect. The boy, who has not been named, shot and killed his little brother, Isiah Johnson – who had marijuana in his system –  back in March at the family’s home in Lafayette, Indiana. Deonta […]

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Wagner, Prigozhin pictured in St Petersburg as Putin promises Stolen Grain to African Countries

Wagner chief was pictured on the staircase of a hotel with an African diplomat during the Russia -Africa summit in St Petersburg today, just weeks after his group of mercenaries aborted rebellion against the Russian defense ministry. Prigozhin, 62, was pictured alongside a man believed to be a member of the Central African Republic’s delegation […]

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Ukraine Hits Hundreds of Russians Vehicles Packed in a Crimean Repair Depot

There’s a vehicle park, in Novostepne a mile south of Dzhankoi in Russian-occupied northern Crimea, where Russian forces fighting in southern Ukraine send their damaged vehicles for repair. On Monday, it exploded. According to Russian sources, a British-made Storm Shadow cruise missile, fired by a Ukrainian air force Sukhoi Su-24 bomber, was responsible for the […]

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Ukraine Masterfully Using Cluster Bombs Speeding up its Counter Offensive

Ukraine is masterfully using American-supplied cluster munitions in the field and is doing so effectively speeding up the counteroffensive against the russists terrorist. “They are using them appropriately,” National Security Spokesman John Kirby said on July 21. “They’re using them effectively, and they are actually having an impact on Russia’s defensive formations and Russia’s defensive […]