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Sam Asghari Unfollows Estranged Wife Britney Spears on Instagram as Their Divorce Case Approacheses

On Wednesday, August 30, Asghari, 29, was no longer listed as one of Spears’ 42 million Instagram followers despite being on the list earlier in the day, meanwhile she still follows her ex’s account. Sam Asghari who was once one of Britney Spears’s biggest supporters in regards to her conservatorship ending, a new report suggests […]

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Gabonese Soldiers Put Ali Bongo under house Arrest, Suspend Election Results and Seal Borders

GABON, The West African  Country is the second to see mutiny in less than two months after the Niger military disposed of their president last month. Gabonese soldiers took to national television to declare the cancellation of election results, the dissolution of institutions, and the immediate closure of the country’s borders. The announcement has sent […]

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Wagner Leader Prigozhin Burried in low-profile funeral, as Putin skips the event in St Petersburg

Wagner’s boss, Yevgeny Prigohzin, who reportedly received the country’s highest award for leading forces in Ukraine, HERO OF RUSSIA was laid to rest on Tuesday, where President Vladimir Putin  failed to show up in order to keep the funeral low-profile and more ‘secret’. Russian state media and other local outlets, which have been covering the […]