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Injured mountaineer Mohammad Hassan is ignored by 50 people who refused to interrupt their Desire for mountain top

Mohammad Hassan lay seriously injured, 1,300ft from the summit of K2, as dozens of fellow climbers carefully edged towards him, risking their lives as they clung to the side of the narrow ledge. And then they kept on going – clambering around the stricken 27-year-old as they left him to die while continuing their own […]

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Wagner, Prigozhin pictured in St Petersburg as Putin promises Stolen Grain to African Countries

Wagner chief was pictured on the staircase of a hotel with an African diplomat during the Russia -Africa summit in St Petersburg today, just weeks after his group of mercenaries aborted rebellion against the Russian defense ministry. Prigozhin, 62, was pictured alongside a man believed to be a member of the Central African Republic’s delegation […]

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IAEA Discovers Bombs on the Roof of Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant

Officials of the IAEA  have confirmed the saddening worries that the russist terrorists have planted explosives at Europe’s largest nuclear facility in Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia region amid the ongoing war. Earlier in the month, Ukraine President Zelensky had warned citing Ukrainian intelligence that  Russians had placed mines inside the nuclear plant and on the rooftops of […]