21 February, 2024
2 mins read

Israeli Strike in Syria kills Iran’s Revolutionary Guards General Sayyed Razi Mousavi

Israel Now Fighting Seven Countries at Once An Israeli airstrike outside the Syrian capital Damascus on Monday killed General Sayyed Razi Mousavi a senior adviser in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.  Sayyed Razi Mousavi, was responsible for coordinating the military alliance between Syria and Iran. “I won’t comment on foreign reports, these or others in the Middle […]

2 mins read

Why Russia and China fear B-2 so much?

America has been the global leader in warfare systems and weapons which has enabled the nation to conquer dictators for the benefit of the oppressed and for the peace of the globe. American technology has enabled the country to develop a fortress of airplanes, the likes of B52, B-2 Spirit, The F-22, F35, Air Force […]