Suspected Bomb Explodes Inside a Ship in Mombasa Kenya, Blast Shakes Houses
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Suspected Bomb Explodes Inside a Ship in Mombasa Kenya, Blast Shakes Houses

Kenya – An explosion suspected to be a bomb has gone off inside an oil ship that had docked around the Liwatoni area at the Mombasa port.

NTV reported that the injured people had been rushed to the hospital for specialized treatment.

The incident occurred on the vessel next to the African Marine Dry Dock.

The cause of the explosion is yet to be established, but investigations have been launched into the incident.

The explosion also caused nearby houses in the coastal city to shake.

Nation -Africa reported that the loud bang also caused a fire that damaged parts of the vessel, christened East Wind 2.

Tugs and fire engines from the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) immediately rushed to extinguish the fire, while people at the scene were quickly evacuated by rescue scenes.

Mombasa Central Police boss Maxwell Agoro told journalists that he was leading officers who had been dispatched to launch investigations.

Witnesses said the Tuesday, December 26 explosion was accompanied by a ball of fire and black smoke.

Earlier, eight people were killed after a powerful explosion at the main fuel depot in Guinea followed by a fire that rocked the centre of the capital Conakry early on Monday, December 18.

Schools were closed and workers were told to stay at home as thick black smoke filled the sky. Residents fled the area where the blast occurred, images on social networks showed.

The incident happened at around midnight (0000 GMT) at the state oil company’s main depot in the Kaloum district of Conakry, near the port.

“Eight charred bodies were brought to the morgue of the Ignace Deen hospital,” a senior official at the facility said.