A  Footage of a Giantic tree being Transported in the back of a truck has causes Uproar
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A Footage of a Giantic tree being Transported in the back of a truck has causes Uproar

Footage of a tree being transported in the back of a truck has caused outrage among conservationists online.

The video, which was shot at Maydena in the Florentine Valley in Tasmania, shows what is believed to be a section of a massive Eucalyptus Regnans tree trunk, one of the tallest trees in the world which stands at a gigantic 90m (300 feet).

The immense size of the section meant it took up the truck’s entire load by itself as it was transported out of one of Australia’s oldest native forests.

Anger online emerged because the tree was felled and conservationist and former Green Party leader Bob Brown called it ‘globally shameful’.

In a post shared on his website, Dr Brown remarked: “Just days ago this wonder of nature, centuries old but still unimaginable strong and youthful, was alive and a natural wonder.

“Today the tree’s death is a national disgrace: it was publicly subsidized and entirely unnecessary.

“And with it has gone the birds, mammals, and other wildlife which for centuries have lived in and around that tree. Its destruction is despicable official vandalism.”

He added: “I will join others in going to the forest tomorrow to see how we can help stop this slaughter which aims at felling more giants in the days ahead.”

Dr Brown, who is a Tasmania resident, has spent decades calling for the protection of the State’s old growth forests, said most of the felled tree in the video remained ‘on the forest floor’ and will end up being burned.

Sustainable Timber Tasmania – formerly known as Forestry Tasmania – is a Tasmanian Government Business Enterprise. It functions like a private business, although it’s owned by the Tasmanian government.

The tree in the video had to be felled for ‘safety reasons’, according to Suzette Weeding, general manager for conservation and land management at Sustainable Timber Tasmania.

Conservationist and former Greens leader Dr Bob Brown. 

Speaking to news.com.au, Weeding said, “On occasion, it may be necessary for Sustainable Timber Tasmania to remove a large tree where it presents an access or safety risk.

“In these instances, all decisions are documented as per internal procedures, and where possible, timber product is recovered.

“Regarding the reported single log observed on a truck traveling from the Derwent Valley, Sustainable Timber Tasmania can confirm that the tree was assessed recently and felled as part of harvesting operations at FO020B for safety reasons.

“Timber product from this tree was recovered

This comes amid the worrying global warming that is largely attributed to the destruction of forests and uncontrolled emission of carbon Dioxide by factories.