Russia Loses 22 Artillery Systems, 12 APVs in Less than 24 Hours in Ukraine
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Russia Loses 22 Artillery Systems, 12 APVs in Less than 24 Hours in Ukraine

Ukraine’s counteroffensive bore huge results in the last 24 hours against the invaders. Russian forces lost 22 artillery systems and 12 armored personnel vehicles (APVs) between Saturday, September 2, and Sunday, September 3 as according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ukraine Showcases a Fleet of Leopard Tanks in Rebuke to Russia

A Ukrainian Tank throws a powerful blow against the invaders

The General Staff released its latest daily estimates of Russian losses amid the Ukraine invasion, launched by Russian President Putin in February 2022, on Sunday. The losses come amid Ukraine’s counteroffensive, which for weeks appeared to remain stagnant, despite hopes that Kyiv could reclaim critical Russian-occupied territory. Ukrainian troops, however, have made more progress in recent days.

Moscow’s losses also allegedly included 600 troops, five tanks, three multiple-launch rocket systems, and 11 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), according to the latest update, which was published on the military’s Facebook page.

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby also said on Friday that Ukraine has made “some notable progress” in recent days in the Zaporizhzhia region.
Air Force asks Raytheon to upgrade AMRAAM radar-guided air-to-air missile  software in $125 million deal | Military Aerospace A US Fighter jet Armed with AMRAAM
According to Yuri Ignat, spokesman of the Ukrainian Air Force, the US is planning to deliver AIM-120 AMRAAM to the Ukrainian forces. He also adds that the range of those missiles will be 160-180km, which points to the AIM-120D version which will make Ukraine more lethal against the terrorists invading their country.
In combination with F-16, this is going to be a powerful weapon for Ukraine. “AMRAAM are universal aviation missiles and can used for both fighters and air defense systems,” Ihnat added.

Until recently, the U.S. has held back from approving the provision of F16  and the munitions they can employ. But last month, the Biden administration endorsed a European plan to send the American-made F-16s to Ukraine and announced it would assist in training  Ukrainian pilots.

“We need weapons that can withstand Russian fighters,” Inhat said.

The provision of AMRAAMs would go one step further, potentially arming those aircraft with radar-guided air-to-air missiles. AMRAAMs are used by the U.S. and many allies. They “are more than enough to get Russian aircraft without entering the enemy air defense zone of destruction,” Inhat said.

The Pentagon decision came to light following  a contract announcement Aug. 31, which disclosed a contract worth up to $192 million with Raytheon Missiles and Defense for an indefinite quantity of AMRAAMs. The Pentagon said the contract “provides for Raytheon purchasing fielded AMRAAM weapons from various sources.”

The Pentagon contract announcement did not specify which versions would be purchased or for what purpose, nor did the Ukrainians.

Russia has largely failed in its conflict which was supposed to last for 3 days. The US and European countries have supplied weapons to Kyiv to kick out the terrorists with the latest weapon being the cluster bomb shells which the Ukranian forces are effectively using against the enemy. Ukraine is currently awaiting the ultimate firepower -The F16 TO FINISH THE JOB.