Ukrainian Missiles  can now hit targets 700 KMs away, Zelenskyy says, threatening to bring the war deeper inside Russia’s Soil
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Ukrainian Missiles can now hit targets 700 KMs away, Zelenskyy says, threatening to bring the war deeper inside Russia’s Soil

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy said the weapons were produced by the Ministry of Strategic Industries, but did not provide further details on the weapons or the targets they struck.

Some speculated that Zelenskyy was likely referencing an August 30 attack on an airport in the Pskov region, western Russia, which is about 435 miles from the Ukrainian border way past Belarus.

The US and other Western allies have handed Ukraine missiles and other weapons capable of hitting targets well within Russia’s borders, but have placed strict bans on them being used to strike Russian soil out of concern it could escalate the conflict. There are no such limits on Ukraine’s use of weapons it produces itself.

The Institute for the Study of War in Washington highlighted other recent statements by Ukrainian officials about Ukrainian-made weapons capable of striking deep behind enemy lines.

Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksiy Danilov, on August 26, said a Ukrainian-made missile had hit a Russian anti-aircraft battery in Crimea, which is several hundred miles from Ukrainian positions, though the exact location the strike was launched from is unknown.

“The missile was new, absolutely modern, and state-of-the-art,” he said,  “Yes, this is our latest product, which performed impeccably.”

Ukrainian Main Military Intelligence Directorate Head Major General Kyrylo Budanov said that Ukraine has the capacity to strike targets anywhere in Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula occupied by Russia since 2014.

In recent weeks, Ukraine has launched a counteroffensive aimed at driving back Russian forces from the territory they occupy in east and south Ukraine. As part of that drive, Ukraine has launched attacks on cities and military targets in Russia apparently aimed at sapping Russian morale.

Russia has been raining missiles on Ukraine’s civilian assets but many of them are now been intercepted by the US-supplied Patriot systems. If Ukraine is capable of mass-producing these long-range missiles, the Russian terrorists will have to beg Ukraine for mercy. When this war is fully brought onto Russian soil, the Russian communities will further pressure on the Kremlin to end the war. The terrorists will finally realize the importance of peace.  Russia has largely failed in its conflict which was supposed to last for 3 days. The US and European countries have supplied weapons to Kyiv to kick out the terrorists with the latest weapon being the cluster bomb shells which the Ukranian forces are effectively using against the enemy. Ukraine is currently awaiting the ultimate firepower -The F16 TO FINISH THE JOB.